Vera Germon

I have had many healing sessions with her, from memory each one was quite different from the last. Caroll can pin point a problem before you tell her anything.

Caroll gets right down to the root cause of a problem, some things I have kept to myself from childhood and not told anyone she picks up on it, and she pushes the buttons until you actually confront these problems and helped me to deal with them, like when you blame yourself, and at the time you were only a child dealing with an adult world. ” Our childhood makes us who we are today” and if these said problems are not dealt with at the time and we are not able to heal our hurts we just keep carrying them forward into our daily lives. Caroll will help you deal with this and is non-judgmental towards you, you can tell her your darkest deepest secret and she would not repeat it to anyone.

Caroll can pick up on many things that is happening or about to happen. She told me about a recent house move I was making, told me there was going to be lots of problems with the person whose apartment I was moving into and sure enough there were HUGE PROBLEMS both with the person and the apartment.

Caroll really helped where there were family problems going on, my list could be endless.

I am a Reiki Master and I am very aware of metaphysical healing, our Guides and Universal Energies. Being a healer myself I am not so good at dealing with my problems. Caroll helps me understand who and what I am and gives me many insights on how to improve myself.
–┬áVera Germon
Williamstown, Victoria Australia