Wellness Therapy

What is Wellness Therapy?

Wellness Therapy offers a holistic and transformative approach to growth and healing intended to promote overall physical, nutritional, spiritual, and emotional health and wellness.   Designed to establish positive nutritional health patterns, aid in weight loss, and create a symbiotic relationship between food and the spirit, Wellness Therapy is the epitome of holistic healing.  This powerful behavioral-focused approach to healing is designed to disrupt negative thoughts, internalized beliefs, and patterns that are preventing you from living a healthy and fulfilled life.

Wellness Therapy embraces a holistic approach to dismantling negative behaviors, self-sabotaging actions, and internalized association with nutrition.  Wellness Therapy utilizes hypnotherapy techniques as well as an assortment of other modalities to align the body, mind, and spirit in order to optimize your overall health and wellness.

How can Wellness Therapy Help Me?

Wellness Therapy helps rewire and realign your spirit and consciousness in order to build a healthier relationship with food and nutrition.  Through hypnotherapy, you will disrupt and discard previously held attachments to unhealthy behaviors by identifying the triggers, beliefs, and events that impact your food choices today.  Ideal for those seeking a healthier relationship with food and nutrition, Wellness Therapy helps clients lose weight, overcome dysmorphia, and enjoy an enhanced self of health through nutritional eating.