Exploring Reiki: Holistic Energy Healing


Increasing in popularity over the past several decades, Reiki is an alternative medicine and energy healing therapy that originated in Japan in the 19th century by spiritual healer and energy pioneer Mikao Usui.  A technique known to promote physical and spiritual healing, Reiki practitioners harness the power of the Universal Energy, which they then transfer through a process known as Palm Healing.  A hands-on healing approach that directs focused energy into the patient, Reiki is known to reduce stress, minimize anxiety, center alignment, and promote healing from physical ailments or discomforts.  This spiritual touch therapy is centered around the practitioners’ hands and their capacity to redirect the life force energy of each client to promote health, wellness, and healing.

While Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years in Japan, the current form of this transformative therapeutic practice took shape in 1922 by Mikao Usi, a Japanese Buddhist.  Throughout his lifetime, Mikao Usi was said to have taught over 2,000 individuals the Reiki technique and methodology, and after his passing, this magnificent therapy spread throughout Hawaii and eventually Europe in the 1980s.

Can I benefit from Reiki?

Simply put, yes.  Most of us carry unnecessary burdens, stressors, pressures, and emotional toxins throughout our daily lives.  Reiki helps to alleviate the pain, anxiety, and stress from these physical, emotional, and spiritual impairments and allows us to experience relaxation, comfort, and wellness beyond our wildest dreams.  Reiki has been proven to reduce pain, anxiety, exhaustion, and depression – while also helping the body more efficiently recover after injuries or surgeries, help manage symptoms, and reduce the unwanted side effects of medications.