Past Life Regression

Building a Brighter Future by Unlocking Your Past

Past Life Regression offers insight into trauma and pain from your previous lives – and gives you the tools to release yourself from its control.

While there are certainly modern-day events and traumas that impact our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing – almost all of us have experienced core trauma and life-altering events during our previous lives that continue to control our lives today.  Through Past Life Regression, we are able to recover memories and experiences from our previous lives in order to better understand and work through the trauma we have been holding onto generationally – and releasing ourselves from it.

A soft form of hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression is a technique that takes an individual back in time to uncover memories from their previous lives.  By answering a series of questions, the individual will be able to identify and examine their past lives, offering critical insight into current problems and conditions potentially caused by trauma experienced during previous life experiences.  Past Life Regression is a high-level, intense, and trust-centered technique that should only be administered by a reputable and highly qualified professional.   As observers and spiritual caregivers throughout the process, it is our job to support and guide you along your pathway of discover and help you unlock your individual pathway of healing and release.  Our job is to walk beside you through the experience and help you grow from it.  We will never make hypnotic suggestions or provide inauthentic guidance throughout your session.  We believe in the power of Past Life Regression and its tremendous power to provide clarity and emotional freedom to our clients – and we are there to help our clients on their pathway of discovery with honesty, authenticity, and integrity.

Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions:

90mins – $150.00

60mins – $110.00

45mins – $85.00

Face to Face Session:

Our practitioner will provide you with the option to either have their hands placed directly on your body or hover just above – serving as the spiritual and emotional conduit necessary to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities and psychic capacity.

Surrogacy with Permission:

A remote option for those with mobility challenges or locational limitations, this remote service employs the use of Reiki crystals and aromatherapy to build the connection between practitioner and client.