ISET Institute Courses

ISET (Integrated Self-Empowerment Therapy) is an exciting holistic therapy that gives you the opportunity to bring positive change into your life’s journey.

ISET techniques developed in Australia by Eileen Goble, uses the imbedded/hidden language of the mind to change negative belief systems and learned behaviour patterns that can create illness, emotional disturbances and life fulfilment frustrations.

You can experience ISET either by doing the courses or by having an ISET session. Please go to ‘courses’ to find out more or see below to get an understanding of a session.

A typical session would see you sitting in a comfortable chair and discussing your reasons for your visit with the ISET practitioner. Reasons vary and can include issues you may be having with work, family, health etc. ISET is then tailored to your needs – this may include any of the following: Deep relaxation, guided imagery, counselling, colour therapy, energy healing, past life and/or age regression or a combination of several of these techniques. The aim of sessions are to guide you to the primary cause of your disharmony and to then help you to change any negative belief systems that have been holding you back. This powerful, profound and subtle therapy can assist you in completely resolving issues which in turn allow you to have a greater understanding of yourself thus empowering you.

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