Healing and Therapy Treatments

Explore your unique needs and healing.

ISET Therapy

A gentle, yet transformative, methodology centered on building behavioral changes and deep, meaningful healing, ISET Therapy has been proven as a safe and effective way to transform and reshape the unconscious thoughts that impact our daily lives.  Capable of rewiring the mind and body’s ability to deal with past experiences, realign thoughts, and build a healthier, happier life filled with success and wellness, ISET Therapy is a powerful and accessible choice for anyone seeking a holistic and effective approach to total wellness.

Wellness Therapy

A complete and holistic approach to physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, Wellness Therapy infuses nutritional health patterns with behavioral modification treatments that help individuals lose weight, improve sleep, and create a symbiotic relationship between food and spirit. 

Past Life Regression

Each of us come into this life with a wide assortment of past life experiences that have the potential to impact our overall health and wellness.  By identifying, addressing, and learning from our previous lives, each of us has the power to eliminate potential emotional and spiritual blocks that are preventing us from living the healthy, happy, and successful life that we deserve.


Reiki is a powerful hands-on approach to healing that centers focused energy into the patient, leading to a reduction in stress, anxiety, discomfort, and other physical and emotional blocks.  Using spiritual touch, this energy-centric healing redirects the bounty of life force energy that surrounds us into the client in a way that promotes overall health, wellness, peace, and healing. 

Awareness Coaching

The mind is without a doubt the most powerful health and wellness tool each of us have at our disposal.  Through Awareness Coaching, you will be guided to harness your ability to transform your life through awareness, mindfulness, and intention.

Business Coaching

Success is not a destination – it is a journey.  Our Business Coaching services help you create the map that will lead you through the journey of success in your work.  Whether you are an executive looking to build a stronger portfolio, a small business owner looking to reach the next level, or simply someone eager to build a business of their own, our Business Coaching services will help you forge your own pathway down the road of success.