Awareness Coaching

Are You Ready for that Big Breakthrough…

What is Awareness Life Coaching?

Awareness Life Coaching is about helping people to reach their full potential. It uses various techniques to help you identify simple changes to advance your personal life, professional career or business. It offers an opportunity for every individual to know the meaning of success.

In the US and Europe life coaching has been a big deal for a couple of decades, but in Australia it is a relatively new phenomenon. In Australia we are starting to catch on, however.

These days many people recognise the value of a personal trainer to help motivate them to keep fit or to lose weight. They are turning to life coaching as well, which is the equivalent of personal training for the other aspects of your life. It’s based very much on a positive “can do” approach, and is backed up by simple, practical measures designed to bring out your best.

How Can Awareness Life Coaching Help Me?

Maybe your career has stalled. Maybe a relationship has failed and you find it difficult to move on or accept. Maybe there are personal barriers affecting your confidence. Maybe you are looking for that financial stability you just can’t quite achieve. Maybe you want to feel less overwhelmed by all your commitments or the trappings of modern life. Or maybe you just want to head off on that holiday that you’ve always dreamed of…

Whatever you seek, life coaching can help you get it. Your life coach will tailor a program that’s specific to your needs and your desire for change after ascertaining what’s important to you.

Coaching can be provided in a number of ways

  • One-on-one coaching, either via video conferencing- Zoom/Skpe or face-to-face
  • Group coaching sessions

 What Are Some of the Specific Coaching Programs and Methods Offered by Hand in Hand Consultancy?

  • Goal setting
  • Skills development and workplace training
  • Improved Communication
  • Budgeting
  • Motivational training
  • Positive thinking

How Do I Find the Coach that’s Right for Me?

Most coaches will offer a complementary introductory session to ensure that there’s a good client-coach rapport. This is your way of ascertaining whether you’ll be able to work with your coach and sound them out on what they can offer. It is also the coach’s way of determining whether you are ready to make the changes that you are